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“Data is the new currency” ……more precisely “Usable Data is the new Currency” don’t get the difference? let me give you an example: — imagine you want to make a New York-style pizza (yeah, I love pizza too). So, you go to a grocery store to buy the ingredients and see a ton of ingredients in front of you but obviously, you don’t need to buy the entire store to make a single pizza so you google the ingredients to make a pizza umm… Let’s say pizza dough, tomatoes, pepperoni & cheese LOTS OF CHEESE then you take the ingredients…


Every subject has some fundamentals and without these fundamentals, the subject becomes tough to understand. Sklearn is one such fundamental library of python which played a key role in making technologies like Machine learning and Data Science catapult many years into the future and making it a reality today. Sklearn is also known as scikit-learn.

This project was started by David Cournapeau as a Google Summer of Code project which later became a part of Matthieu Brucher’s thesis. Further many authors contributed and made sklearn what it is today. sklearn specializes in classification, regression, clustering and dimensionality reduction.

Aishwar Govil

Data Science || Machine Learning || IOT || Artificial Intelligence

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